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The Leap Model Process

Lifetime Economic Acceleration Plan

Why the Leap Model™?

The goal of the creation of the Leap Model™ was to develop a financial tool that would properly measure an individual’s financial data and provide a course of action to optimize results, without hype and opinion. It is a unique, personal finance tool which combines your financial life with the financial world around you. 

Organize, analyze, strategize and track your financial life with this scientifically built tool that is based on the hierarchy of personal economics.

The Leap Model™ allows you to measure your present position and assess how different financial strategies might help optimize each dollar. It enables you to easily coordinate all your financial decisions improving wealth, retirement income, asset protection and flexibility.

We all make financial decisions. 

We make them:

  • At different times
  • Individually
  • With different people
  • Under different circumstances. 

This leads to a collection of decisions that resemble a junk drawer. Financial decisions made in this way accumulate. We struggle to adjust them as our personal situation and the world around us changes. 

The Game Board

It’s hard to play a board game without the board. With the Leap Model™ Game Board, you can see the elements of your positions in one place and your next moves clearly. Income, assets, liabilities, and insurance organized for investment. 

The Game Board will:

  • Provide a consolidated view of your total financial picture. 
  • Incorporate information about different financial products. 
  • Measure the impact of financial decisions.
  • Increase financial control.
  • Reduce errors and omissions caused by disorganization.
  • Reduce erosion of wealth caused by outside factors. 
  • Increase wealth with no additional out-of-pocket outlay. 

Understanding how these factors are going to impact your financial life will better equip you to reduce your lifetime financial costs and increase wealth, protection and your financial legacy.

The Rules of the Game   

When you play any game, you need to know how the rules and the factors will impact the outcome.

When it comes to your personal financial life, you may be dealing with organizations or people who want to:

  • Get as much of your money as possible
  • Hold your money for as long as possible
  • Give it back to you as slowly as possible, and
  • Make as much money from it as possible.

The Macro Manager 

  • Coordinate financial decisions between your multiple product professionals. 
  • Better assess recommendations from various financial professionals. 

Not all of these objectives are possible in every client circumstance. Individual results may vary and are dependent upon a variety of economic and personal factors.

The Erosion of Wealth 

Wealth is constantly threatened by eroding demands.

These include:

  • Inflation and Market Fluctuations
  • Taxes
  • Legal and Technological Changes
  • Fees and Consumer Financing
  • Wear and Tear
  • Increased Standard of Living
  • Unexpected Life Events
  • Lawsuits


With a new understanding of the problems caused by the financial “Junk Drawer,” the need for an understanding of the “Rules of the Game,” and the threat of “Erosion of Wealth,” you will be ready to win at the game.


You will decide the actions you want to take, to improve your financial position, with the confidence and knowledge provided by the full, informational view of the Leap Model™.


There are several ways to start. The more data you choose to provide, the more accurate our reports will be.


We will help you create greater financial opportunities and results by simultaneously increasing the efficient and effective use of your assets, planning and taking desired actions, and regularly reviewing and updating your portfolio.


With your Leap Model™ “Game Board,” you will be better informed and understand how your income, assets, liabilities and insurance can be best integrated and positioned.

LEAP(r) trademark of Leap Systems, LLC which is an independent affiliate of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (PML). Trademarks belong to their respective owners. It is important to note that the implementation of any strategies provided as a part of LEAP are designed to aid one in reaching their financial goals, but no assurance can be made that these goals will in fact be reached. Individual results may vary.
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