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Managing Your Financial Life

Lifetime Economic Acceleration Plan

Now you can experience a better way to manage your finances with the rules of money built in.

Manage your financial life by tracking all your financial decisions in one place.

Identify the relationships between your money decisions with a scientific approach.

With the guidance of The Henehan Company, the Leap Model™ allows you to organize, track, measure and strategize your finances.

Control your financial decisions better by viewing all of your finances simultaneously.

Improve results by analyzing changes and allowing assets and cash flow to work together.

Earn the most out of each dollar with every financial decision.

Use a hierarchy built by component, function, productivity, liquidity and risk characteristics.

Build additional wealth and benefits by utilizing the motion of money.

Integrate personal assumptions with the laws related to products and taxes.

Cash Flow

The Leap Model™ identifies and illustrates the various types of the cash flow for each money decision: contributions, premiums, payments, income, withdrawals, taxes, fees, etc. Identify where your money is allocated right now and see how redirecting your cash flow affects outputs, benefits, and opportunities today and in the future.

Debt Management

Identify the various types of debt and liabilities present illustrated alongside the rest of the Leap Model™. You will see the payment, balance, interest rate, and months left for each obligation you have or plan to have.

LEAP(r) trademark of Leap Systems, LLC which is an independent affiliate of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company (PML). Trademarks belong to their respective owners. It is important to note that the implementation of any strategies provided as a part of LEAP are designed to aid one in reaching their financial goals, but no assurance can be made that these goals will, in fact, be reached. Individual results may vary.
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