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HRIMS for Managers

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The Henehan HR Information Management System provides management with the tools they have always wanted.

Your HRIS can be customized to fit the size and structure of your organization. Benefits to management include:

  • Ensure your knowledge of new legislative governance
  • Reduce the cost of duplication of effort within the company
  • Receive detailed auditable information to management
  • Review data with an executive dashboard
  • Collaborate between divisions within the corporation
  • Consolidate auditing of benefit costs and labor costs
  • View instantly updated data for all reports for real time employee management
  • Empower all C-level management, line managers and employee users to manage their information
  • Free-up expensive IT personnel from HR applications to concentrate on their core job
  • Reduce costs of redundant data entry and multiple system purchases for each department

For more information on the Henehan Administrators HRIMS system, please call: 909-383-7040

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