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HRIMS for HR Departments

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With the Henehan Administrators’ Customized HRIMS, your HR department will run more efficiently with less risk.

Benefits of the Human Resource Information Management System to HR Departments include:

  • Preserve all employee information and HR documents in a central repository.
  • Automate employees’ HR/Benefits transactions and processes
  • Create real time reports for employee management, benefits costs, time & labor distribution and more
  • Deploy ESS (employee self-service) to reduce costs and free up time to help make HR a strategic part of the bottom line
  • Reduce costs associated with paper generated benefits enrollment and management
  • Assure HIPAA compliance
  • Improve the communication, tracking and delivery of company policies and procedures

For more information on the Henehan Administrators HRIMS system, please call: 909-383-7040

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